Interactive Radio Instruction


 The radio lessons, on particular topics and aimed at specific levels, at particular levels, provide regular, structured assistance to students and serve to improve the quality of teaching and enhance learning. 

Multi-channel learning


 A glimpse into the future of technologies to excite the imagination of students and teachers and assist them in planning for the focus area, not only on the basis of what is completed but also what is difficult. 

Intelligent Library


Integrated platform with the world's largest free audio library. Find the ebook, listen and add directly to your playlist. 

3 Day Workshop @ Your School

Content Development
Voice Modulation
Voice Recording
FOSS - Software provided 

Technology Support

 Radio Programmes developed by schools will be webcasted through School Radio Platform.
So, schools need not worry about complex technical issues.  

Broadcasting Packages: Schools

 Schools may opt a suitable package to webcaste the radio programmes.
Monthly 90 episodes / 12 Months
Monthly 180 episodes/ 12 Months 

SSL certificate included

Streaming servers configured in a secure environment, following the best practices and recommendations of the market. 

Assessment and Engineering Visits

Sometimes you just need an engineer! Whether it is installing some new kit, moving a studio or just finding a fault, an experienced broadcast radio engineer is a God send.